Review of L’ORÉAL New Nude Magique BB Cream




I think the BB Cream looks natural on my skin and it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a “foundation mask” like other foundations do.


The BB Cream doesn’t really cover my imperfections. The dark circles under my eyes are still visible, though a bit “evened out” and you can still spot the red pimple on my forehead. Further, I feel that I need to use a lot of cream in order to make it look even.


A light foundation that promise to be “5 in 1” when it comes to:

  • “flawless coverage”
  • “perfectly even skin texture”
  • “fresh dewy glow”
  • 24h hydration
  • protects with spf 12

Also, it claims to “mimic the texture and glow of perfect bare skin”.

The foundation is light-weight, it gives you an even skin tone and minimises small pimples, dark spots or imperfections. It does not, however, cover these it only evens them a bit out or minimises them. Therefore: If you have red pimples, dark spots under your eyes or anything else you would like to cover up, you should use a concealer with this or another product.

It’s kind of like putting an  “Instagram filter” on your face – but without doing any Photoshop retouching: It makes you look better, but nothing is “retouched” away.

When it comes to the promises of making your skin “flawless”, “perfectly even” and “glowing freshly” they promise way too much. This is a light foundation – not magic fairy dust.

Overall: starstarstarnostarnostar

Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarnostarnostarnostar

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