Murad: Refreshing Cleanser



I love that this Murad cleanser doesn’t dry out my skin or sting in my eyes when I remove mascara using it. Also, you only have to use a little amount of cleanser each time, meaning that the relatively large tube lasts long.


Murad is pretty expensive (especially in Denmark – In the US it’s “only” $32! – which is around half-price).


The Murad cleanser is within the sub-brand “Age Reform”. It is supposed to have a “non-drying formula” that “soothes skin by washing away excess surface oil, makeup, and impurities with softening extracts of Cucumber, Hawaiian White Ginger, and Algae.”

I don’t know how much my skin’s age is “reformed”, but I really like that this cleanser is not over-drying my skin like some other cleansers and makeup removers do. Also, as mentioned above, it doesn’t sting in my eyes when rubbing it in them to remove mascara. I tried others that made my eyes water, red and/or that stung a lot – perhaps they weren’t meant to be used for eyes or my eyes were too sensible. Either way, I don’t want to go through self-torture every time I have to remove mascara. Further, I am not one for having a facial cleanser and an eye makeup remover. I want to be able to use one thing for removing makeup, so this is a good fit for me.

To touch upon the “duration” of this product, it really lasts! As in, “when will this tube be empty!?”. I have used the Murad cleanser almost every single night for at least a month, and I barely see that it is used. I absolutely love products that lasts. I’ve experienced too many (expensive) products that are empty within no time (*cough* YoungBlood *cough*). So even though it’s an expensive cleanser, it’s not that bad in the long run.

Overall: starstarstarstarnostar

Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar

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2 thoughts on “Murad: Refreshing Cleanser

  1. What type of skin do you have? Combination, dry, sensitive…? Do you have acne or blackheads sometimes? I do. I’m working on my nose area. I get blackheads that I can’t stand knowing are there. I know this is slightly off topic but do you have a favorite cleanser/exfoliator all-in-one product? I have one (Aveda) but am curious what yours is.


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