Biotherm: Biomains age delaying hand & nail treatment


Makes my hands smooth and silky.


This is a rather average product, so the price is definitely too high. And it takes at least 10 minutes to sink in.


This hand cream gives your hands a nice and silky feel. I usually put it on before bedtime and wake up with soft hands. Since I was my hands a lot during the day Im very grateful it helps so quick on my dry hands.

It has a very discreet “creamy” smell (something like Nivea but more expensive) which is a plus. But there is nothing outstanding or extraordinary with this hand cream which justifies paying 30 dollars for it. There are many cheaper and just as good alternatives out there.

Its impossible to say if it makes my 26 year old hands look younger, but an interesting point is that when my mum tried it, she didn’t feel it was moisturising enough for her older hands.


Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarnostarnostar

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