L’occitane Almond Cleansing & Soothing Shower Oil Review


You only need a small amount and it does what it promises.


It’s in the expensive end (but it’s very good…).


I’ve been using this oil for 2 years. I have tried many different shower oils, but always return to this one, this due to the good quality. It lasts for around 6 months when me and my boyfriend use it daily and the bottle is 250 ml. It makes you feel clean and makes your skin soft just like it promises, and it actually smells of almond. Also my skin doesn’t turn dry afterwards, I still use body lotion after sometimes, but it’s not really necessary. Many other oils have left my skin feeling greasy, this one doesn’t.

Overall: starstarstarstarstar

Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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15 thoughts on “L’occitane Almond Cleansing & Soothing Shower Oil Review

  1. I discovered this last winter and it is now a staple in my shower. When repurchasing, I discovered you can buy a large plastic bag container to refill your bottle instead of a new bottle. now I can use with abandon!

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  2. Never seen this before, I have very very dry legs all year around, I have tried so many natural organic and store bought stuff and nothing keeps them moisturized for a full day except pure organic oil, which I hate the feeling of, would this be good?


    1. Thank you for your nice comments, this is a shower gel…so doesnt help like a body lotion:) Have a great weekend:)


      1. right but after you get out of the shower would my skin feel more moisturized I currently use alba body wash for very dry skin and It works ok but I need something better


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