Decleor Aromessence Neroli Night Balm Review



It makes your face feel extremely soft.


It comes in a small package comparing to how much you pay, and if you apply thick layers it wont last long.


This is a pricy balm that is supposed to hydrate your skin over-night. According to the clerk selling it to me, it is 100% natural and only helps your skin get back in shape and feel well-hydrated, having nothing to do with anti-ageing regimes or wrinkle disappearance (its good to know what you’re paying for). Of course I asked for a sample before buying it – guys always ask for samples, before investing in such expensive creams, it doesn’t make sense paying so much money and then finding out they give you pimples.

Anyways about the balm: it almost feels like a wax, that you have to heat up between your fingers before applying, it has a nice herbal smell, and feels very fat on the skin (or I would rather say that it almost feels like applying fat but a lot more pleasant). You have to work hard on applying only a thin layer, which still takes around one hour to sink in properly. The next day your skin feels smooth, almost like velvet and sometimes I dont use a day cream the day after applying this one since my skin already feels so well-hydrated.

I really like this products unusual form and how well it works on my skin, but having over-applied it a few times I have felt like I was about to break out. I think this balm is great for the cold months when you need something extra a few times a week, where you feel face masks are not enough. I have also used it several days in a row, but since feeling the good effect of extensive hydration already after one application, I prefer using it from time to time when I feel my skin really needs it, making this expensive balm last longer.


Value for money:star starstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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