Murad Perfecting Day Cream Review



I like that it’s very hydrating. It’s also nice that it has build-in sun protection (SPF 30).


If it gets into contact with my eyes, they get watery and irritated for a while, which is pretty annoing. Murad is relatively expensive.


Okay, so I didn’t know whether to give this product three or four stars. I ended up giving it four stars because I would use this product in my everyday routine again after finishing this tube – I probably wouldn’t with a three star product.

It has a nice, not too overwhelming smell, it is nice ‘n easy to apply to face and it feels like it moisturises just right. It is absorbed in the skin quickly and afterwards it feels like you have a nice and soft “shield” on your skin.

The biggest minuses for me is the price, that it proclaims to do almost too much good and that it is not fragrance & parabene free and organic.

Overall: starstarstarstarnostar

Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarnostarnostar

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5 thoughts on “Murad Perfecting Day Cream Review

    1. Yes we have 2 more reviews coming up during the next 2 weeks, is there a specific product you are wondering about? Anna has tested many of their products, and if you check the tag Murad we have a few reviews up already:) Thanks for reading us and have a great sunday!


    2. I’ve tried several of their products and I’m currently reviewing many of them. Are there any particular products you would like me to test?
      In general, I like Murad, but you have to find the exact product that fits your skin. A friend of mine had a bad skin reaction to the orange Murad series, while the dark red Murad series is the best she has tried for her skin (even among other brands).


  1. Hey lovely, I have the most sensitive skin, tried every product out there and this was one of them, it still burned my skin and did not give the moisture that plain old Aquaphor gives my skin, I have eczema, which you would never know looking at my skin, because of the thick moisture I use..but I also do not ever get zits so I can use a thick heavy moisturizer.

    Thanks for all your reviews! They are great!


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