Garnier Pure Active Make-up Remover Gel Review



Doesn’t contain perfume. Removes long lasting make-up.


Totally dries out my skin. I’ve never experienced anything like this. Can’t be good for the skin!


I’ve had my trouble with oily skin and imperfections. When you’re at that phase of life (read: teenager) where your face is invaded by several huge, red zits that take over your normal appearance, you’ll do anything – seriously ANYTHING – to get rid of the red craters in your face. Therefore, I’ve tried my share of anti acne/oily skin/imperfections products. I have used tons of money to find the product that would magically cure the breakouts and make my skin even in colour and surface.

I’m now in my twenties and past those years (thank God), but I still experience some breakouts from time to time. When I stumbled upon Garnier’s Pure Active, I thought: Why not try it out?
The section: “Is Garnier Pure Active Purifying Make Up Remover Gel right for me?” confirmed that this product would be OK for my skin even though my skin also has other “characteristics”.
I decided that I would use it for cleansing skin when I experienced breakouts now and then.

The Purifying Make-Up Remover Gel claims to be a “2 in 1” because it both removes make-up and cleanses. It claims to:

  • Rinse in depth
  • Target imperfections
  • Effectively unclog pores
  • Helps to clear shine and impurities
  • Helps protect against the appearance of imperfections
  • Remove all traces of make-up, even waterproof

Now, to the conclusions:
The Garnier Pure Active make-up remover gel dried out my skin like nothing before. My face felt stiff and totally stripped from healthy natural oils. I rushed to my most moisturising facial cream to restore the balance, and I threw the product away immediately. I’ve never tried anything like that. Without being a dermatologist, but having researched the topic, I don’t believe that this remover gel is good for anyone – even if your skin is very oily and filled with imperfections. I’m sure that there’s some products out there that will help regulate the skin and minimise imperfections, but this is not it.

Yes it’s cheap, and yes it removes make-up, but that’s about it.

I DO NOT recommend this product to anyone!


Overall: nostarnostarnostarnostarnostar

Value for money: starnostarnostarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starnostarnostarnostarnostar

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