HH Simonsen The Wet Brush Review


It´s cheap and it does make a big difference to how your hair looks before and after usage (in the great way).


It´s bottom is made of garment which makes it hard to clean as it dries slowly.


This brush has literally changed my life.

But before you rush out to buy it, let me tell you my hair story: I have always had big hair with loads of volume, despite cutting it every couple of months and using a lot of money on hair masks and oils my hair was still always dry. Hairdressers suggested new products but nothing helped and I kept on using more money on my hair than on any other body part. Then finally a clever hairdresser suggested a new hairbrush, which was the wet brush. At that time I was seriously considering buying a Mason Pearson (instead of going away on a weekend or eating out a month in a row, since it costs about the same). This brush was a game changer. Every time I use it my hair gets more volume and a nicer, softer texture. I can really see a before and after use difference. My critical mum has started complimenting on how good my hair looks (usually she tells me to try another oil).  Maybe it´s because this is my first new hairbrush in about 10 years and that is why I got so excited, but I have read several good reviews from other bloggers, and therefore believe that I´m not alone. I have tried using my old hairbrushes after this one came along, and it literally feels like hitting myself in the head, hard.

Overall: starstarstarstarstar

Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar


Don´t forget to wash your hairbrush once in a while, I use conditioner.

Tried this product yourself? Rate it below (“Rate this”). If you have any comments, feel free to add them as well (“Leave a reply”).

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