Review of Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream


Creamy in a great way, smells fantastic and the bottle lasts for long.


A bit pricy for a shower cream.


I still remember first time I tried this product: it was around 5 years ago and I was not a regular customer at Body Shop at that time, because it was just way too expensive (it was before they started having sales). I had gotten a mini package of this shower cream as a gift and had brought it with me to the swimming hall. And boy was I blown away – it smelled delicious, it was perfectly creamy and I simply felt like a princess walking home that night in my coconut haze.

Second time this shower gel came into my possession was 2,5  years ago, this time in a pump bottle, and guess what, I still have half of the bottle. Yes I have been cheating a bit with some other lovely shower products, but still I think it’s awesome that it’s so long-lasting because I use it a few times a week. It lasts so long because of the pump bottle, I have tried other shower gels from Body Shop in smaller sizes and you use them up in no time, because of the construction of the bottle (you basically keep getting much more than you asked for – each time).

About the shower cream itself: it doesn’t dry out my skin, it leaves a very pleasant scent in the whole bathroom after and you need only a small amount for your body. I think it smells natural, and not chemical as so many products do.

The minuses are: it leaves a discreet smell on your skin, but nothing long-lasting. Due to that it’s so creamy you have to use a pouf, otherwise it’s almost like putting cream all over your body. It doesn’t lather much.

Overall I give this shower cream only 3 stars, because even though my heart loves it, my brain understands that a shower gel costing this much shouldn’t have so many minuses.

Overall: starstarstarnostarnostar

Value for money:starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar

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17 thoughts on “Review of Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream

  1. I love body shop products – true, they are pricey, but worth indulging in every once in a while. This coconut body wash is one of my favourites. Super creamy and moisturising. I love the scent. I also really love the pink grapefruit one – perfect for a hot summer’s day!


    1. yes its great, especially when you can find it on sale:) funny grapefruit one is my favourite too:) (and the passion fruit is also really nice:) thanks for stopping by our blog:D

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  2. If you live in the US I highly suggest that you check Marshals and TJMaxx in the body section. I get most of my shower gels and body butters from them for $6 or less! I even saw perfume this past week!


    1. Hej Kaily,
      Thanks for stopping by our blog…Im going to the US in 3 weeks, and ill totally check it out:) body shop has an ok price range when they have sale:)
      Happy new year to you:)
      /Mary B

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  3. I know what you mean about the costs. To my standards The Body Shop products are a bit too expensive. I love the smell of the mango products, but a small bottle of body mist was almost $20AUD and the smell didn’t last long too. Next time I stop by there I will check out the coconut products though.


    1. Hey, agree with you…i only buy them on sale, its way too much money for what they have to offer and mostly you buy their lotions and lip butters because of the small not that they are so efficient:P thanks for stopping by our blog and have a great weekend:) Mary B


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