Review of Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask


My skin feels very hydrated and “fresh” the next morning.


The cream is 30% more expensive in Europe than in the US which makes it priiiicy.


I remember as a child watching my mum walking around with masks on made of very weird ingredients such as egg yolk and avocado. I haven’t quite followed in her footsteps in terms of using what you find in your fridge, it has been inprinted in my mind that using masks is a beauty must. I also believe that its a quick fixer and help in the dry skin department, especially during the winter. Especially now when we need to hydrate that hangover away from those crazy new years celebrations (Happy new year everyone!).

This is an overnight mask that promises hydration and I have combined skin.

The mask has no smell, the texture is of a light cream, you only need a small amount for application, it’s not sticky and I haven’t experienced any break-outs or pimples when using it. When you wake up your skin feels as if you just put on a nice fat face cream. I also feel very fresh but that probably has something to do with the power of my mental believe rather than the mask.

Why use this then if I can just use a cream you ask? Well my skin is too sensitive for superfat cream and I get pimples, so for me it’s a great alternative.

Is it worth the money? Well if you can get it from the US were it’s 30% cheaper than in Europe then yes go ahead, but if not keep looking for a cheaper local alternative. This is not a miracle mask, but a very hydrating one.


Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar

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9 thoughts on “Review of Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

    1. Hej Aiko, great that you liked it:) We have a review of a similar mask from Origins coming up soon, same effect but cheaper, stay tuned:) and thanks for stopping by our blog:) /Mary B

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    1. If you want a cheaper version of the same mask, origins drink-up intense overnight has pretty much the same effect, but cheaper (at least in the US) 🙂


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