Review of Clarins Moisture-rich body lotion


I saw an instant result as my skin stopped peeling off and it sinks in fast.


It’s expensive and I don’t smell any shea butter really.


I bought this cream as a part of a Clarins beauty package, so I did not directly make the choice of buying such an expensive body lotion, but the package was on sale and I was after the flash balm. But it turned out to be one of my favourite products this cold winter, a real saviour.

The cream contains shea butter and promises to moisture, nourish and visibly smooth my skin. Blablabla you all say. But surprisingly I can even see the difference between the patches of my skin where the cream has and hasn’t been applied several hours after using it. Since my skin is very dry from the cold climate I live in, its a big plus that this cream can take care of it and make my skin this smooth. Also the lotion sinks in very fast after application and has a very light consistency which makes it easy to apply. About the shea butter smell: there really isn’t one according to me, maybe it’s because i’ve used the shea body butter from Body Shop for so long that it has completely defined my idea of the smell and I don’t accept anything else. But my verdict is still that this lotion smells pleasant but “synthetic”.

This is a luxurious and expensive lotion, that works. But when spending so much money on a product you want it to last forever and the amount you need to cover your whole body will make you finish the bottle in no time.

Overall: starstarstarnostarnostar

Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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5 thoughts on “Review of Clarins Moisture-rich body lotion

  1. I’ve seen it quite often on the web as a ‘wonderful’ product and as far as I know, the producer does really nice products…but you’re right, it’s expensive for a frequent usage. 😦

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