Review of Wonder Perfect Mascara



Gives you are very natural look.


It also gives you the panda look.


Just like every mascara, this one promises your eyes the world and a bit more. I’m so happy I don’t work with advertising, I think it must be a nightmare coming up with new catchy phrases for make-up ads, because honestly – haven’t we seen it all? Isn’t it impossible to surprise us by now? They are all the same: always a new formula, and it will always change you forever, and maybe even give you a model boyfriend in Paris…

This mascara doesn’t disappoint in the promising section: the Clarins website description of this mascara promises visibly fuller, longer, curled and intensely coloured lashes after just one application.

Well: yes my lashes become longer, more intensely black, they curl nicely BUT no volume is added whatsoever. My poor lashes look like long spiders feet, but they look soo thin, and since their colour is intensified they look like very black spider feet. Of course this is no disaster, many mascaras don’t keep their promises, but this one does a deadly mascara sin: it smudges. Basically it dries very fast, no problem there, but as soon as you touch your eyes or god forbid, get some wind in your face, you look like a panda. I hate that, it’s unacceptable, and therefore this mascara only gets 2 stars. Also it takes ages to get off. But it doesn’t clump.

Overall: starstarnostarnostarnostar

Value for money: starstarnostarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarnostarnostar

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4 thoughts on “Review of Wonder Perfect Mascara

  1. I have at least two to recommend, depending on the budget. The most expensive one is DiorShow Iconic curl: amazing! It doesn’t smudge, curls the lashes and leaves them beautiful. The second is Miss Manga from L’Oréal, cheaper than the previous, but still a good one, especially if you haven’t super long lashes. Cheers!

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