Review of REVLON PROFESSIONAL Sebum Balance Shampoo



Makes my hair soft and light


I don’t see the best results doing what it’s supposed to do: Regulating my oily scalp


The REVLON Sebum Balance Shampoo claims to leave your hair light and balanced by purifying my scalp and regulating sebum production. In case you didn’t know, sebum is “an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands” (Google, 2015). It’s this oiliness that my scalp produces, that I’ve tried to minimise. The thing is that if I wash my hair on Monday morning before heading off to work, my hair is already a bit ‘heavy’, darker and greasier at the scalp on Tuesday, which means that I most likely will do a pony tail to hide the greasiness. On Wednesday morning I have to wash my hair again, unless I want to look like a hobo who hasn’t washed her hair in a year…

If I wash my hair every day to avoid the 2nd day hair greasiness, my hair will simply start to go greasy on day one, so this is not a solution. If I try the good ol’ advice of not washing my hair for a week (or more) so my hair should “get used to not being washed so often” and thereby “decrease the production of sebum/grease”, I just end up looking like a hobo for the time that I don’t wash my hair, and my hair will go back to normal after that (I tried it a couple of times now).

As you can hear, the greasy hair annoys me. If I’m on a festival or are travelling, I’m very dependant on being able to wash my hair often, which has seemed to be not-so-easy on the go. On the other hand, there’s some great dry shampoos to help me out, but let’s face it; I can’t live on dry shampoo my whole life, and the effect is not 100% like freshly washed hair.

But back to the Sebum Balance Shampoo: It smells nice, I only have to use it once (sometimes I have to apply shampoo twice when washing my hair, to make sure it’s cleaned). Further, the Sebum Balance Shampoo makes my hair feel very soft, tameable and  light.

For the balancing part: it doesn’t work wonders regulating my oily scalp,. It’s a nice shampoo, but there’s only a small difference to notice on how greasy my hair becomes. However, in this product you get a fine, professional shampoo, which has a fair price.

Overall: starstarstarnostarnostar

Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarnostarnostarnostar

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