Review of Rudolph Care Facial Scrub Mask



Leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated


Skin feels a little oily after use. Also, some skin types are not good with scrub masks


I have said it before: I’m a fan on Rudolph Care. I love things that are organic, and I love products without harmful ingredients or chemicals. Read a little more on the Rudolph products here.

The Acai Facial Scrub Mask from Rudolph is no exception. The mask claims to rejuvenate and hydrate, and I definitely feel that my skin is hydrated after using the mask.

The mask is a creamy scrub mask, with a high degree of good oils, amongst them is shea butter, olive and coconut oil. Pulverised abricot kernels exfoliates the skin in a gentle way.

When I feel that my skin needs extra mousture, I cleanse my skin, leave a damp cloth on my skin for a little while and then apply the Rudolph Acai Scrub Mask, that I gently massage into my skin. After removing the Scrub Mask, my skin feels soft and hydrated again

This mask is especially good if your skin needs extra care, for example during winter time, when cold weather has dried out your skin, or during summertime, when the sun and bathing has left their marks.

The product is in the expensive end, and there’s only 100 ml in the standard tube from Rudolph. However, you only need to apply a little every time, so that it lasts longer. Still, this is the reason for only three stars in “value for money”.


Overall: starstarstarstarnostar

Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar


Tried this product yourself? Rate it below (“Rate this”). If you have any comments, feel free to add them as well (“Leave a reply”).

One thought on “Review of Rudolph Care Facial Scrub Mask

  1. I have this mask too. It feels great to massage it in, like a peel. What I really like is that it leaves your skin super oily, just like youve just used an oil, so its 2 in 1. The minus is the prize, but using it once a week and itll last around 8 months.


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