Review of Cutex Nail Polish Remover


Removes nail polish easily, cheap, travel-size.


The bottle is not the most practical. Dries out my nails/fingertips.


This strengthening nail polish remover from Cutex is supposed to contain protein and pro-vitamin B5 nail whitening formula. I don’t exactly know what the protein is supposed to do, for the nail whitening formula, I don’t see any great changes.

That said, the nail polish remover does what it’s supposed to: It removes my nail polish. My nails and fingertips feels a little dry after use, but I just use some hand lotion and that’s it. I’ve tried some nail polishes that left the fingers feeling moisturised, and I miss that feature a little in this nail polish.

My bottle is 100 ml (not 200 ml like the bottle on the picture), which makes the bottle handy for removing nail polish on the go. It would be cool if the bottle had some sort of a dispenser, as it can be hard to pour just enough nail polish remover, but that’s pretty much standard for nail polish removers at the time being (even though some cool alternatives, where you simply stick your finger into the bottle and get your nail polish removed, is on the market)


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarnostarnostar

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