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We’re ready for the second of three giveaways! Once more, you can win an energizing oxygen facial mask from Emma S. worth €38. We like this brand a lot. We give out a facial mask to a lucky reader every Monday, for three Mondays. This is only the second Monday, so even if you don’t win today, you still have another shot next Monday!

How to participate: Leave a comment on this post with your e-mail address or your Twitter handle (pssst… it’s a plus if you “like” us on Facebook or tweet about us). The winner will be contacted by email or twitter. The competition is open internationally.

The Ageless Oxygen Mask is supposedly enegizing and rehydrating. It enriches the skin with moisture and oxygen. The oxygen helps skin cell rejuvenation so that the skin will feel softer and smoother. The skin will get a more even appearance and feel energized. (Okay, so the above is what Emma S. says about the mask. We are currently testing it to check out whether it’s true or not, so we can’t promise anything).

Emma S. is a Swedish skincare brand with focus on quality. They believe that skincare should be simple, effective and give visible results. All of their products are free from parabens and mineral oils.

The winner will be announced in the commentary field to this post.

The best of luck! May the best (wo)man win! (or the luckiest…)

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