Budget Tip: Self-made freshening linnen spray

This linnen spray is cheap and quick to make, and it will make your IKEA sheets smell like a million bucks. Spritz on your pillows and covers before bed to calm your mind and send you into a lavender induced sleep. The combination of lavenders antiseptic and aromatherapy properties, a nice drink of water and all that sleep will transform your tired face into the porcelain perfection of sleeping beauty. Also perfect for the funky insides of your gym bag (because you know it smells).


3 oz of isopropyl alcohol (bought in pharmacy)

12 oz distilled water (if use tap water boil first)

30 drops lavender essential oil


Add lavender oil to alcohol. Mix well and then pour into distilled water. Transfer the complete mix to the spray bottle of your choice and spritz away.

Bonus Tip:

Try other essential oil scents to make your individual spray.


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