Extensive use of this mask really improved how my skin looks: smooth and soft, and no spots.


It’s sticky and hard to wash off.


Anybody who ever browsed through this blog knows that I have a hall of fame (and shame) of face masks.  Like every proper kitchen cupboard should have some comfort food, every girls collection of beauty products should have a comfort cornor, mine is the shrine in my bathroom belonging to my face masks. Just like Kate Moss thinks when she is shopping for vintage “there is always room for more”, I think when I see a new face mask. Unhappy vallet equals happy readers, so I guess something good comes out of this.

Now back to the mask: it has a gel like consistence, and is blue. It’s sticky and hard to get off. The brand recommends use of 5 minutes, I recommend 10, but don’t even bother leaving it on for longer, no difference in result. And don’t sleep in it (learn from my mistakes ok?). It promises to leave your skin smooth, hydrated and to delete dry lines (dry lines makes me associate with sleeping head down drunk and waking up with old make-up stale in your wrinkes, not sure that’s what Lancome meant).

I used this mask religiously 3 times a week, and on the third week I finally started seeing the miracles: my skin did indeed become very nice, hydrated (the wrinkles still there though) and no pimples. It isn’t a budget choice, but you need very small amounts and I like that it’s a quick fix mask, 10 minutes and you can go and do better things with your life.

Overall:starstar starstarnostar

Value for money:starstar starstarnostar

Does what it promises:star starstarstarnostar

Tried this product yourself? Rate it below (“Rate this”). If you have any comments, feel free to add them as well (“Leave a reply”).


  1. My mom gave me this mask to use and after using it one time, I broke out:( I am not sure if it was the mask or something else but I didn’t try anything else that was new. I’m glad it worked well for you! xoxo


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