Rudolph care: Acai Cleansing Foam



Lovely smell, allergy-friendly, organic, very mild, cleanses without drying my skin


One pump gives little too much foam for me.


The Acai Cleansing Foam from Rudolph Care is a great foam cleanser that feels light on your skin and leaves your skin cleansed and hydrated. The bottle is beautiful and the pump system is very handy. In my opinion, one pump gives me a little too much foam, so I try to do 2/3 pump, which gives just the right amount of foam.

The foam smells very good and natural (the Rudolph smell) without being perfumed. The foam is mild and I use it for removing mascara as well. My skin feels cleansed, but not dry, after use. My skin is very sensitive and can feel “tight” and dry and urging to get moisture after cleansing – that it not the case with this cleansing foam. Actually, my skin feels fine even if I don’t add any moisture after cleansing (serum/day/night cream).

The foam cleanser is not very suitable for travelling; first off it’s too big to carry on, and second, the pressure makes the pump “leak” (at least that happened to me). So if you take it out travelling, be sure to put it in a plastic bag before packing it with the rest of your stuff.

Rudolph claims that the foam “contains nutritious, active ingredients, including wheat and Pentavitin to add moisture and elasticity, as well as purple coneflower which has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-irritant properties.” also it is supposed to deep-cleanse and reduce impurities and inflammation. I don’t feel that I can 100% assess those claims, however, I can say that my skin feels great and doesn’t act out of the ordinary (no breakouts etc) when I use this foam cleanser.

All in all, a nice cleansing foam. It is a little pricey and it doesn’t last for ages, but you get a good, mild, organic, allergy-friendly cleanser that smells, looks and feels great.

By the way, the Acai Cleansing Foam was nominated for the Danish Beauty Award 2014 in the category “Green Product of the Year”.

A little more about the Acai berry in Rudolph Care’s products, here.


Overall: starstarstarstarnostar

Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar

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