Riemann: P20 Sun Screen


Easy to apply, no white marks, lasts 10 hours


Seems a bit chemical and “harsh” (and smells that way too)


I got to know this sunscreen because it was used on a small child in my family. Apparently this sunscreen is perfect for children as it lasts for ages (10 hours), really protects your skin, is very water resistant and is easy to apply evenly on skin. I benefit from the same characteristics as I looooove to swim in the pool and ocean and I hate white sunscreen marks and sunscreen that is hard to apply…

On a quick side note: My skin is very receptive of the sun, I have a very easy time getting nice and tanned – if I use (a lot of) sunscreen, that is, if I don’t, I’ll get red.

My initial thoughts were that I would not get tanned with this sunscreen, however, it turned out not to apply. I even managed to get red using this (SPF 20), so I might try the SPF 30 for my “just-came-out-from-100-layers-of-clothes-and-no-sun-in-9-moths” skin next time).

The Riemann P20 works great for me in the beginning of the season when my skin is very sensitive to sun. As I get more tanned, I will move on to less strong/harsh alternatives (but I will stay at SPF 15-30 for my body and SPF 30-50 + cap for my face). If I’m going to places where the sun is very harsh and/or I have to stay in the sun for a long time (e.g. when surfing) I will definitely use this sunscreen (together with a SPF 50 and some white zink on my face).

All in all this is a great protection against the sun for you or any kids you might have or be around. Also, it works wonders when you’re in the ocean for hours. However, remember to stay in the shadow in the most sunny hours and to wear cap and clothes to protect the most exposed skin areas. Health message over. Here goes the ratings:


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

Tried this product yourself? Rate it below (“Rate this”). If you have any comments, feel free to add them as well (“Leave a reply”).

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