Mac Select Moisturecover Concealer Review



Reasonably priced in the US.


You need a thick layer and it only lasts for a few hours until those black rings come out again.


I’m not a big pro when it comes to concealers, I have been faithful to this one most of my make-up life. But reading this great review of a MAC product I decided it was time to upgrade my game. While travelling in the US where MAC products are ridiculously cheaper then in Europe (I paid around 20 dollars for this one) I decided to make my first ever MAC purchase.

Impression? Big disappointment, first of all it seems I never seem to be able to get the amount i need, so you always use too much or too little when fishing it out of the package. And you actually need a lot of it despite its thick consistency.  Secondarily it gives good coverage, but a few hours later it is all gone, like you never applied anything, and the black rings under my eyes (studying for exams) are staring at me again, which is really annoying. Maybe I just didn’t chose the right tone you say? I actually got help from a make-up artist choosing so I think I did.

Please if you want to buy this, despite reading my review, try it in the store and then walk around for a few hours before you make up your mind.


Value for money: starnostarnostarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarnostarnostarnostar

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7 thoughts on “Mac Select Moisturecover Concealer Review

  1. My impression of this is the same as you. It’s not enough coverage and it disappears by early afternoon. It only looks good the first 30 minutes it’s freshly applied. I think this would mostly work for mature skin that doesn’t have a lot of darkness around the eyes – it’s more of a radiance boosting concealer than anything.


  2. Sorry this one didn’t work for you. Like other people said, you should try Mac’s Pro-longwear concealer, that one is really good!


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