Alterna Bamboo Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist Review


Gives your hair that nice hair commercial look we are all striving for: hair stays in place and gets a nice shine. And it is free of parabens.


The price and that you have to use it daily (a spritz will not last until the next day).


Amal Alamuddin is my new hair hero. unfortunately we have different hair budgets therefore I am constantly on the look-out for products that can bring my hair to the next (Amal) level . This oil is a bit pricy, but what I like about it is that despite extensive use over the past month I still have around 100 ml left (90% that is). Even though I use it daily, and I use a lot, my hair doesn’t get oily and I don’t have to wash it more than usual.

This oil promises to eliminate frizz and give you some extra shine.

It has a kind of “va va voom” effect, making my hair more easy to manage, looking a bit like i just came out from a blow-dry, every hair in the place it should be. It also adds some shine and smells good and girlie.

The negatives are the price and that it does not help dry ends, there you have to use a “stronger” oil.


Value for money:starstarstar starnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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13 thoughts on “Alterna Bamboo Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist Review

    1. Noo or i dont at least, my hair is pretty big from the start, i think it just makes it a bit sleaker:) and less frizzy:) i think you should be able to try it inside a store;)


    1. Thank you sooo much! Unfortunately we dont participate in award but will stop by your blog to check it out for sure;)


  1. Nice review! I love this stuff. I have a little mini 250 point perk that I got from Sephora a looong time ago. I still haven’t used it up because I refuse to use it on a daily basis. I never want it to run out! xx


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