Rudolph Care: Acai Body Lotion



Organic and free from harmful ingredients. Softens and hydrates skin.


Glass bottle with pump: Not handy to travel with.


I will start out by repeating what I wrote in an earlier review on a Rudolph Care product:

I have said it before, and I will say it again: I’m a fan of Rudolph Care. I love that they make products without harmful ingredients or chemicals. I think this is something that the entire beauty industry should focus a lot more on: We apply these products to our biggest absorbing organ (our skin) several times a day. I.e. when using products with perfume, chemicals and what-have-you, we feed our body with toxics, and the consequences is starting to show around the world. Okay, enough of me preaching (I just wish there were more ‘healthy’ products out there).

The Acai Body Lotion is a really nice lotion with a light smell. The bottle has a pump function that easily provides me with the lotion I need. The lotion is easy to apply to skin as it is not too thick. The skin is left soft and hydrated without feeling greasy. The Acai berry should help against signs of ageing.

Rudolph Care claims that the lotion can be used for sensitive, irritated and dry skin. Even for skin with a rash. This is also my experience. Here’s an example: My boyfriend and his sister has a tendency to get red spots/rash on their upper arms (I think they’re called something special, but I don’t remember the word). The Rudolph Care Acai Body Lotion is the only lotion that makes that rash go away.

I like to have one lotion that I just know works and that is good for my skin and my health. This one is my favourite when it comes to that, and you can actually use it for your hair if it’s a bit dry. Just apply a little to the ends…


Overall: starstarstarstarstar

Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar


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