HH Simonsen: The Shine Brush Review


Makes my hair shiny and happy.


Hard to clean.


After my success story with the Wet Brush from Danish HH Simonsen, I was keen on repeating it and giving my hair a treat after getting through a long cold winter so shiny and soft (thank you hair…and hair oils).  This brush is made from the hair of a mongolian wild boar. The hair is supposed to stimulate blood supply to the scalp and in that way make your hair more shiny, making brushing your hair a pleasant experience (as your scalp gets a slight massage).

My verdict: the wet brush was my first HH Simonsen brush, and will therefore stay my number one (just out of sheer gratitude for how it changed my bad hair to good hair), but this one is a close number 2.

It does really give you a nice little massage while you brush your hair, and yes you can really see the difference after a few strokes – my hair stays in one place, and looks great after brushing even when greasy and in desperate need of a wash. The price is very reasonable, around 20 euros. The only problem this brush has is that all my hair gets stuck in the boar hair, and it is difficult to clean.

Tip: My top tip is to wash your hair brush with warm water and conditioner at least once a month to make your brush happy and to make it stay nice to your hair.


Value for money: starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar

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