HH Simonsen The Oval Cushion Boar Brush Review



Makes my hair shiny and soft.


This brush is not very well suited for hair as thick as mine.


Danish HH Simonsen are behind my absolutely favourite brush  and therefore I was very curious to try this hair brush. It is made from the hair of Japanese boar (the get a hair cut just like us, to give hair to this brush – so they are not killed in the process). It promises to redistribute your hairs natural oil and therefore make it more shiny. I definitely can see a difference after using this brush: my hair becomes more shiny and soft but this brush is just not very good with thick hair. Let me clarify: im not only a lion by horoscope by also in real life, I have crazy hair that needs to be tamed (and eats a bottle of shampo every third month). When using this brush I noticed that my hair was not properly combed through afterwards, and I had to finish off with my fingers. Lending it to a friend with much thinner hair then mine, turned out to be a success (she likes me more now and loves the brush).   So yes I like the brush, but it simply is not made for hair as thick as mine.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarnostarnostar

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