Kiehl’s Algae Mask Review


See a difference after 10 minutes (no need to walk around wearing a mask half of your evening).


The price.


Some parts of Europe suffer from heatwaves, my part of Europe is going through autumn. I am serious: it rains constantly and it is very cold. I have packed my sandels and summer dresses away and replaced them with cosy sweaters and tea. It is a bit sad to give up on summer before august has even come, therefore I am comforting myself with my favourite skin care obsession: masks. Those of you who have followed my beauty journey on this blog, know that I have an extensive collection of them and can never say no to a new purchase.

This mask from american Kiehls is a bit pricy, but It lasts for ages since you only need a small amount per application. What I really like about this mask is that you can see a difference already after ten minutes. So you do not have to walk around wearing it for ages (and pray for a result). It is sticky, but worth it. Also it contains Algae, Green tea, Calendula..all yummy ingredients for the skin. It promises to make your skin soft and smooth, and actually I think it keeps that promise well. My skin feels very hydrated after usage.

As a conclusion this is a good long-term investment, it you can stand the stickiness.


Value for money:starstar starstarnostar

Does what it promises:starstar starstarstar

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6 thoughts on “Kiehl’s Algae Mask Review

  1. Great to know that this works. I’m a great fan of face masks too, and I’m always interested in finding out more. Sorry for your ‘rainy’ side of Europe…


      1. The only one that gives me real results afterwards is the REN Glycolactic Renewal, although I’m a huge fan of Peter Thomas Roth masks as well: the cucumber one is great to calm the skin and the rose one is very hydrating too. 😉


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