Review of Orofluido Perfumed Body Cream


Great smell and very hydrating.


The smell can be a bit too heavy.


Being a huge fan of the Orofluido hair oil I was excited to find out that the line also had a body lotion. Since the smell of the oil is divine (It changed my hair game big time which also is a plus) getting the body lotion was a no-brainer. Verdict: it smells great, just like the oil and actually hydrates my skin properly. This summer I have used it instead of a perfume, actually getting compliments and questions of what Im wearing. It also hydrates my skin well, though it was not helpful when it needed extra care after extensive sun exposure (so what, I do fall asleep in the sun and yes I am sorry!).


Value for money: starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar

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