HH Simonsen True Divinity Hair Straightener Review



That it switches itself off if not used for 60 minutes.




I am super proud of my crazy lion hair. But sometimes I prefer going for the sleeker, more sophisticated look and I let my hair tag along for the transformation. I remember first time I straightened my hair. It was in the Dominican Republic during a holiday. Girls over there go to salons religiously, and straight hair is the deal. I do not understand all the hype of having your hair reduced to twice its normal size, but I do enjoy the male attention. I dont know what it is, but men just seem to like us with straight hair better (please do comment if you agree or disagree with this statement).

Anyways, being a big fan of their hairbrushes  I decided to try the hair straightener from Danish HH Simonsen. It is quit pricy, but I see it as an investment, helping me to get more male attention and feeling like a power woman with power hair (yes unfortunately in that order). First and foremost, I love the fact that the straightener switches itself off if not used for 60 minutes. If you are paranoid, like me, and walk around thinking you forgot to lock your front door/close the window/turn off the oven half of the day, this product was made for you (thank you HH Simonsen, for targeting the obsessive compulsive of our population). Also I think my hair looked quit natural and straightening it, did not make it dry, which I have experienced in the past. I think it is very important that your hair does not feel like sand paper after straightening it, making yourself pretty while causing your hair so much damage is just not worth it.

My hair stays straight next day and even looks good the next day. The straightener works pretty fast aka you are not scared of burning off you hair, so my verdict is that this is a reliable electronic device and you can trust it with your hair.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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