Review of Sisley Eye Contour Mask


I always bring this mask with me on long-distance flight since it really makes my skin appear and feel less tired…

Cons: feel very oily after usage.


I was on a long distance flight and had a stop in Abu-Dhabi, and after such a long flight my eyes were beyond tired. In the tax-free shop I asked for something to help my puffiness and tiredness, and was recommended this mask. I blame it on the jet-lag, cause normally I never buy anything this expensive, but being desperate I thought I deserve an eye mask for 145 dollars. It had an instant “wow” effect on my eyes, making me feel refreshed and the area under my eyes looking instantly better. Using it the second time I was really disappointed. Not being barely as exhausted as the first time I barely experienced any difference, surely it made the area under feel more fresh but no miracles. The instructions say you should use it for 10 minutes, but when removing it you feel more fat then fresh and also pretty disappointed. I bring it with me when flying long distance or use it after spending many hours in front of the computer, but expect no miracles.

Overall: starstarstarnostarnostar

Value for money: starnostarnostarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarnostarnostar

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