Kiehl’s ultimate strength hand salve review


Makes your hands softer after just a few days use.


Smells like a hospital.


My battle against dry winter hands continues. I associate salves with a hospital setting, and this one proved to be no different, it it very fat (like a salve you would use on a baby) but unfortunately it smells of medication. Paying so much money for something that smells so bad, is just not worth it in my eyes. Sure I can really notice a difference after a couple of days use (my hands go from super-winter dry to medium-start autumn dry) and you only need a small amount per application, but this salve takes ages to dry and the smell is just awful.

Save your money and use some coconut oil instead.


Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarstar

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6 thoughts on “Kiehl’s ultimate strength hand salve review

  1. I literally laughed out loud when I read “cons: smells like a hospital”. Great review! I know I’m going to steer clear of this one…


  2. Hi Mary,

    Loved your review! I really liked your cons haha

    I work for a beautiful company at makes the BEST hand cream ever and I can promise you that it will not only solve your dry hand dilemma it will genuinely fix it over time! The company is… L’occitane En Provence!

    The hand cream I’m talking about is our 20% Shea Hand Cream. What makes our hand cream so so special is our Shea butter which has 17% of the amazing unsaponfiable oils which… DONOT BREAK DOWN IN WATER! When the average Shea on the market only has 3-5% of that beneficial ingredient! It’s because our Shea Butter is produced by hand in Burkina Faso!

    Pick it up, we are so confident in it the label in-store even says “discover the best hand cream ever” and we aren’t a bad date, we actually compensate! Haha

    Also, I just am restarting my blog – I’m taking any suggestions for posts… I love doing product reviews and research so if you have a product you want to kW about let me know!!!



    1. Hey Drayton, thanks for stopping by and happy new year:) Will try that cream then, its a shame Loccitane are a bit pricy:) It would be awesome if you could write a top 5 of your favourite Loccitane products:) Have a great saturday:)


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