Barefoot Sos Repair and Renew Intensive Treatment Oil Review


My sensitive skin feels super hydrated.


This oil really doesn‘t smell of the roses it is made of, it smells a bit of fish.


I read about this oil on my favourite beauty blog, where it was described as a good oil for sensitive skin. The thing is i looooove oils, but my face can never handle them. I always break out period, but this winter I realised that if the oil is actually made for sensitive skin it might be a do. So when the facial serum I was using could no longer handle my dry winter  skin I turned to this oil. And voila – not only did it hydrate my skin to beyond perfection (no matter how much of it I used), but it also did not cause me any pimples or breakouts (even when I use 4 drops instead of 2 because I get so enthusiastic).

The oil contains 25 ml, which lasts me for about 4 months. It contains Mosqueta rose, Argan and evening Primrose oils.  Evening Primose was used as an actual prescribed medication in the UK for eczema and chest pain, but that has been withdrawn. Basically it is a flower which is supposed to be able to treat every medical condition in the world but nothing has been proven scientifically.  The Mosqueta rose is supposed to have regenerating and healing properties. The thing is that all of these ingredients sound soo delicious I was expecting this oil to smell of heaven, and well it really doesn‘t – it smells like old fish. But still that does not prevent me from loving it, and gently massaging it into my skin every night dreaming of a warmer times…Happy weekend dear readers:)


Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarnostar

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