Aco Rebalancing Skin Toner Review



Very moisturising and makes my skin feel cleaner.


I wouldnt‘t mind if it exfoliated more.


This is an a toner, containing AHA and Provitamin B5, which promises to exfoliate and rehydrate your skin after you cleansed it. AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) is a group of acids that exfoliates and help skin to stay moisturised. It has been very hyped recently and is used in products against acne, dry skin and wrinkles. This is my first experience with AHA acid and I like it, despite thinking that the tonic is a bit too mild. Though I do feel a tingling sensation when using it, it could have been more fierce and daring.

I have combined skin with a tendency for blackheads and pimples around my mouth and cheek area. After I started using this toner twice a day, I have experienced less break-outs (both of pimples and blackheads). This make me eager to start using facial products containing stronger AHA concentrations. ACO is a Scandinavian skin care brand sold in pharmacies,  (don‘t we all love that pharmacy beauty a la frenchie style?) which makes me trust and like this product even more.


Value for money: starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarnostar

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4 thoughts on “Aco Rebalancing Skin Toner Review

  1. Love pharmacy brands, always visit pharmacies when i go abroad. My favourite is Avene for sure..They make great facial care for sensitive skin:)


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