So this has been a pretty shitty cold winter, and we only have one month to go (please winter gods please please). Therefore I thought I‘d share the products which saved my skin this winter..and also what compromised it.

My big DOs:

This oil deserves a beauty Oscar.

This was the best DIY for dry and cracked lips that did what no products could do.

(Budget) Lavender was the best remedy after a cold day.

The best peeling ever only has one cheap ingredient.

I (almost) stopped using hair oil thanks to these two..

..But when I did use oil this one was my saviour.

This splurge was well worth it.

My big NOOOOs: 

I do not get the hype around this mask.

This hair mask left me wishing for more.

This elixir should have contained more magic.

This mascara made my lashes go uuuuuh.

This Kiehls product was a waste of my money.

So this was my winter in a nutshell. Share yours in the commentary field!


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