Kérastase Nectar Thermique Review


One of few products that tames my dry curls without greasing them down.


Pricey and smells like one of those upper class oldies with to much perfume.


I have thick, curly, hard hair that I never really became friends with (try googling jewfro and you will get the idea). I flat-iron it after every shower, which of course dries it out completely, making my hair even more of an enemy. I‘ve scanned most of the market for a moisturizing, curl-taming, heat-protective hair product that won‘t grease up my hair. I didn‘t succeed my hunt just yet, but this hair lotion is pretty close. The Nectar Thermique is described as a nourishing milk that you apply before heat styling. For me, it results in a healthier looking hair with fewer split ends. I like! Also, the scent (that I find way too intense) fades away rather quickly. I use it after every time I wash my shoulder-long hair, and after 2-3 months it‘s still half full, which in my eyes makes it worth the money.


Value for money: starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarstar

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