Garnier Pure Active Purifying Cleansing Wipes Review


Cheap and effective.


Doesn‘t remove mascara soo well (I‘ve woken up with panda eyes quit a few times wondering where my hangover was to match my eyes?!).


Some beauty bloggers talk about their evening take-off make-up regime like it‘s some kind of religious experience. For me it‘s just “how to I get this over with so I can dive into bed asap”. Therefore I always feel like cheating and sometimes skip the cleanser and just use the tonic (bad bad bad for you!), but I remind myself of that it‘s my duty as a beauty blogger to take good care of my skin and most day I do all my steps like a good blogger. But for those days when I cheat I love using wipes, it takes a second and voila you can run into bed. These wipes are cheap. The package is super heavy so you can‘t really bring them with you when travelling unless you have unlimited luggage. They take off most make-up well (concealer, blush, lipstick..can‘t speak of foundation since I don‘t use it), except mascara. Taking of mascara is ok for the eyes (no itching) but seriously I haven‘t gotten it all off a single time, and have woken up looking like a tired panda – not my best look. But still I like these wipes due to an ok quality considering their price.


Value for money: starstarstarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarnostarnostar

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5 thoughts on “Garnier Pure Active Purifying Cleansing Wipes Review

  1. I use to be a big fan of wipes, but they always weren’t wet enough for me. Have you tried the Garnier Micellar Water? OMG! I’ve been using it for about six months and I love it. I take off my make up as soon as I get home from work. Which I’ve only been doing for about two years. It really cuts down on the night time ritual. Plus the micellar takes off mascara well also. My first bottle lasted six months, using it once a day. Definitely a bargain.


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