Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara Review


Doesn‘t smudge.


Not always giving me the “I have a thousand more lashes then I actually do” – look.


Usually I just grab the mascara that is on sale and pray for the best. This time I wanted to try a newcomer just to see if maybe maybe maybe it would not smudge and give me my classical panda look (a look I cherish and often carry with pride when I bike home, after long hours in front of the computer). This mascara actually doesn‘t smudge, it gives my eye lashes a nice and “full” look, and depending on which direction you chose to use the brush you can actually make your lashes look different of the “volume – scale”, which is nice when you want to tone it down a bit. I could review this mascara on and on from different practical point of views, but I want to tell you this little story instead: I was on a weekend trip to Berlin with my girlfriends recently, and mentioned I was trying out my new mascara not yet sure what to make of it, and encouraged my friends to try it too. The next morning my girlfriend comes back to me – she has now made the ultimate test of this mascara – by sleeping in it, it didn‘t smudge and therefore she approved of it. I though that was hilarious. End of review.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarnostar

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6 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara Review

  1. But did she have to sleep in it? That is so bad for your eyes. It makes my eyes itch just thinking about it. I’m glad you found a mascara you like. I’m always trying something new. I’m currently using Roller Lash by Benefit, and I love it. I only wish it came in colors other than black.


    1. Hey, hehe yeah she actually slept in it…but that happens a lot to us hard working ladies unfortunately, even though we know its bad for us:( I have never tried that one, happy to hear it works for you, what colors do you usually for mascaras?:) We reviewed the Benefit Its Real Mascara, but werent too happy about it:( Have a great day:) /Mary

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      1. My older sister slept in her make up for years. I was always telling her she was doing damage to her eyes, but she didn’t listen to me because I was her little sister, and what did I know. She finally admitted to me that she indeed did damage to her eyes. She permanently damaged her tear ducts. I usually wear black/brown mascara. I’m very fair and have blonde eyelashes and eyebrows. I’m still looking for that one perfect mascara. Have a great day yourself! P.S. I’ve been wearing make up for over 40 years, and it’s really handy to keep make up remover wipes on your night stand. Your skin and eyes will thank you in the morning.


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