Maria Åkerberg Hair Style Rough Review


Doesn‘t make hair greasy or dirty the day after use.


You need many sprays per use.


After leaving the beach I love to use this spray ….Ha! Who am I kidding, what beach? Yes I‘m sitting at home, eating leftovers in my leopard pyjamas, preparing to work tomorrow…on a Saturday, in the middle of the summer, while everyone else are on vacation. Yes you got it right, I‘m pitying myself a lot right now. But what do I think about the spray? I really appreciate it, especially on days like these when I just wish I was on vacation but have so many looong (work) days left until it starts. The spray promises to give your hair a feel of just spending some nice time in salt water on a windy beach.  And it does. My hair gains some well-deserved volume when I use this spray, but still stay clean next day and doesn‘t feel all tangled. The spray is very light and the only downside is that you need many sprays for a good effect. In general I find salt sprays leave you hair very dry, this one doesn‘t. Ok have to get back to my leftovers. Hope you are all enjoying a (free) sunny careless summer.


Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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