Elizabeth Arden Pro Perfection Facial Serum Review


My skin have never looked better!


Expensive. Makes my skin more sensitive to sun.


I bought this serum as yet another desperate attempt to get rid of break-outs, blackheads and enlarged pores. The results of this serum completely blew me away! My skin looks so much better that even my almost-blind-“come-on-your-skin-looks-perfectly-fine”-partner not only commented on how much better my skin looks since I used it, but he also notices when I don’t. This thing is more potent than make-up, I tell you. However, since it contains both AHA and BHA it’s really necessary to use a high SPF to protect your skin. My first bottle of 30 ml lasted for 3-4 months and I just started on the second one. I have found THE serum for me!


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarstar

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5 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden Pro Perfection Facial Serum Review

  1. Good for you! It always seems to be such a trial and error when finding that holy grail skin care product. I’m forever trying something new. I just started micro needling my forehead in hopes of removing some scars. Hopefully it works. What was the cost on this? Thanks!


    1. Oh the needling of forhead sounds painful, how is it working out for you? 🙂 Its around 70-80 dollars here in Europe, though I think it should be cheaper in the US:) YOU are totally right its a constant trial and error, am using a Clinique serum right now which turned out to be very very very disappointing:( Have a great monday:)

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      1. The micro needling isn’t too bad. I haven’t really seen any results, but it’s only been a week. It’s suppose to produce good results. I’m always trying new stuff. I don’t have the patience to wait to see results, which is pretty silly. I need to get over that! Happy Monday to you!


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