The worst face masks – the complete list


The follow up on our post from last week listing the best face masks out there (trust me we are a tough jury..) we are back with a list of the masks which have disappointed us the most and which you should simply avoid:

  1. The Estee Lauder Hydra moisturizing mask has a delicious gel consistency which makes you dream of loads of hydration, but unfortunately I could‘t see any difference what so ever before and after use. Read the full horror story/review here.
  2. I‘m a fan of Origins and their overnight hydrating mask topped the list of our best face masks, but their Calm Your Senses mask really made you wish for much more after use, no calming effect just a fat cream that smells like the rest of the Origins stuff. Read full review here.
  3. The Clarins Hydraquench face mask was just one big disappointment, it made me break-out and all the freshness, radiance and rehydration that was promised – I saw nothing of that. Read full review here.
  4. I hate masks that promise to reduce your pores / make them go away, and do nothing the charcoal Origins mask is just another one of those masks, a big failure for me and my wallet. Read full review here.
  5. I‘m sorry Origins but you are winning this list – The Origins refreshing Ginzing mask which is supposed to make your face look much more fresh did not such thing. Read review here. No more Origins for me.

Which face masks do you use?


11 thoughts on “The worst face masks – the complete list

  1. I tried the charcoal origins mask too and oh – my – god does it suck! I just checked out your full review of it and I totally agree.
    Nice to see what not to buy for once – rather than just what is good out there!


  2. Oh too bad these didn’t work for you! I like clay based masks – I really feel like they work. The Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask with pink clay is one of my favourites.


    1. Happy they work for you Stashy, guess im just not that into clay, dont really believe in it:( have a great day and thanks for stopping by:)


  3. So happy to see I’m not the only one having problems with the Origins masks!! Have you tried the Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask from Clinique?


    1. No you are def not alone!:) Yeah I think I had it once, not quit sure…do you like it? Im not sure I even believe in charcoal masks, they make you face smooth, but not sure they actually remove the blackheads…have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by:)/Mary


      1. I haven’t tried this one… still looking for some reviews on it. You have a really good point on charcoal masks! I’m probably going to save my money and buy something else lol Good weekend!

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