L:A Bruket Lemongrass Hand Wash Review



Doesn‘t dry out my skin.


It‘s heavy price.


My friend was going to sell her a apartment and as tradition entails she got this soap when getting pictures taken of her bathroom/kitchen to make it look a bit stylish/hipster/ buy-me-now worthy.  She got obsessed and recommended it to me (or I washed my hand 10 times during a 2 hour visit and had to get myself my own soap)..

I‘m no stranger to Swedish brand L:A Bruket (read previous reviews here and here) and generally like their things: they smell great, last for long and the packages are very stylish and make my life feel a bit more stylish in that minimalistic Scandi way. My best birthday gift this year was their Grapefruit candle which smells delicious and lasts for ages (and is painfully pricey which is why I would never give it to myself)…My verdict of this hand wash: smells fresh of lemongrass, doesn‘t dry out my skin, lasts for loooong (2-3 months) and for all you soap nerds out there: it‘s cheaper then Aesop (I know there is an expensive hand soap cult out there). Downside: expensive for a hand soap.


Value for money:starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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