Best Body Lotions for Dry Skin


This time of the year my legs are dying due to dryness and lack of vitamin D – and all I want is to like Gisele in the picture above. Blogging about beauty for two years has led me through trying tons of lotions and potions, and I have compiled a small list of the best lotions to make you forget of dry skin and getting one step closer to those Gisele – legs (minus the rest of her craziness of course).

1.This Clarins body lotion is my absolute favourite (read review here). I buy it every year (no matter how many lotions I already have at home) – and it never lets me down – it sinks in fast, smells pleasant and most importantly – it makes my skin super soft, even when its beyond dry.

2. Nivea is a favourite of mine: a reliable budget friend I use when my skin needs some extra extra extra hydration – where I don‘t feel uncomfortable wrapping my skin in double layers before I go to bed. Read my full review of the Nivea body cream here.

3. In general I think that Dove makes pretty decent things – they smell nice, have a good quality and the price point is satisfying – I got my hands of this Dove body lotion by chance and was pleasantly surprised – it sinks in fast and makes my skin soooft. And the smell is not classic Dove so nobody will know that you are being on a budget.

4. Ok this list wouldn‘t be complete without some luxurious lotion – one of those that you kind of don‘t want to use because then you know it will make you run out of it – and you dread that – since you won‘t spent that money on it again. That lotion for me is this lily body lotion – smells of heaven and makes my bathroom feel like that of an old rich lady – but in a good way of course.

Hope you enjoy this list and feel free to share your favourites! /Mary


8 thoughts on “Best Body Lotions for Dry Skin

    1. for face i would go for the night balm from decleor or just try a hydrating mask such as the overnight mask from origins:) otherwise I think Avene makes some good quality and ok prices things for dry skin:) does this help?:)


      1. The Decleor balm is expensive, so get a sample and see what you think:) Also if you are not using a serum already that could help – Kiehls have some good options:)

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