Vichy Idealia Eye Contour Idealizer Review


Really does help remove dark circles under my eyes.


The price.


I have been using my tube of this eye cream for about 2 years before I squeezed it to its end. My mama gave it to me for my birthday because at the age of 25 it was time to take care of those wrinkles-to-be around the eye area (honestly I think all of that wrinkle talk is pretty ridiculous but I‘m too scared to turn into an old orange to not obey and put cream in my face). I really like that the tube lasts for ages, which kind of makes up for its (a bit heavy) price. So does it make the circles under your eyes disappear? Yes actually it does. I have always had dark circles under my eyes, no matter how much or little I sleep, and while using this cream I have a few times caught myself thinking “actually you don‘t look that exhausted considering how little you slept”. Once I finished the package and moved on to a new cream – I really noticed the difference, my black circles came back to hunt me. This does not mean that there were no dark circles when I used this cream, cause there were – they were just a shade lighter and I didn‘t look as tired after 4 hours of sleep as I do now (when using another cream).

Overall: starstarstarstarnostar

Value for money:starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar


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