Nivea Gentle Facial Cleaning Wipes Review



Takes off make-up easily and is cheap.


My skin gets a bit irritated when I‘ve used these too many days in a row.


It wasn‘t until a year ago that I got myself into the wet wipes – too many tired evenings, and after being recommended these  by a friend I was hocked. I‘ve since being doing wet wipes on a budget (read my Garnier wet wipes review here) and when I was in Berlin I got a package of these Nivea goodies. I don‘t know what and how – but beauty products in Germany are sooo much cheaper. These cost nothing and I‘ve been very happy about them.

First and foremost – I‘m a big fan of Nivea in general – I like their nice smell and think they make genius products for a low price. These wet wipes smell good, remove make-up well and are cheap. I think they remove lipstick, blush and concealer very well – but could be better at removing mascara. They don‘t irritate my eyes, but after using them for more then 3 days in a row I noticed that my skin got a bit irritated. No rash or anything but I just felt how it was bursting to break out. But in general I like these – they are a good budget alternativ – and NO I‘m not sponsored by Nivea, just excited when I find something that‘s good and happens to be cheap as well.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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4 thoughts on “Nivea Gentle Facial Cleaning Wipes Review

    1. Thank you sooo much dear Anna ,so sweet of you 🙂 we dont participate in these type of awards but will check out your blog for sure:) soo honoured:) have a great evening lovely;)


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