Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup Review



The package lasts for loooong.


Is‘t absorbed on naturally oily skin.


I‘m the beauty fairy with the problem oily acne prone skin (read some of my previous reviews here and here – describing my journey looking for the best make-up for my pain in the a… skin). This foundation is supposed to be oil controlling and absorb shine, saying that is “wears beautifully all day”.  First and foremost it is not light-weighted (as promised) – but rather thick in its texture. Secondary it is not absorbed but rather travels my face on top of my natural oil – those of you who have oily skin you get this – for the rest of you lucky people: my make-up is moved around because this foundation does not absorb the oil at all. Thirdly if you use a powder on top of this foundation you look like horrible like the most unnatural one can look with make-up on ever. Not recommended unless its Halloween. This foundation together with the anti-blemish solutions make-up – are the two products Clinique make for problem prone skin – and honestly none of these two are good in my opinion. But I prefer the anti-blemish foundation to this one since it feels lighter on my skin and doesn‘t move around my face as much during the day.


Value for money:starnostarnostarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starnostarnostarnostarnostar

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One thought on “Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup Review

  1. Hi blog buddy, I’m new here, like whoa 2 days new to blogging.. I’m learning as I grow… or go lol.. Any who I LIVE for AVON and CLINIQUE wait a minute I’m a Sales Rep for Avon, yes I am, its your lucky day… Id LOVE to be YOUR Avon go to gal. My skin is so sensitive like you have no idea, I’ve been through it all and I always come home to what’s tried and true my favorite 2 C and A I will never stray lol. But for real, we’ve got the best products tried and true, HAPPILY celebrating 130 years in business and counting, WHATTT can’t be beat, check our prices out literally from $2 and up.. Lipsticks are buy 1 get 1 right now and our foundation is great the stay true and the mineral wear and the lasts all day are my 3 go too’s oh and of course stay matte Clinique and super balanced… Woo anyhow I LOVE your blog, your posts, I love it all, Shop with me, have a blessed day.
    Thank you


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