Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy Review



Gets absorbed very fast.


I used up my 25 gram tube in just a week.


This week we are doing a double up on hand cream reviews…why? Because spring is just ain‘t arriving and our hands are soo darn dry. If you missed out on our first review check it out here. So what is the verdict on this Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream? First and foremost one can sense the difference after the first use, which is a big plus. The cream smells pleasantly but discreetly of roses, and it gets absorbed very fast which is its biggest plus. I hate sitting around waiting for my hand cream to get absorbed since I obviously always put on too much expecting miracles. If you hands are very dry (we are talking people thinking you are a 100 year old man when they see you hands and making them confused since hands don‘t match age of face) then you might to need an extra layer of coconut oil before you put on this cream for the big effect. Extra note: I already decided that pink will be the theme of my 2017 wardrobe therefore I‘m extra happy that this tube matches the new tune of my life and brightens up the contents of my hand bag.


Value for money:starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar

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