Revlon 45 Days Total Color Care 2in1 Stunning Highlights Review



I can postpone a visit to the hairdresser with 10 days using this one.


Smells a bit synthetic.


I can finally write this review – since today I have actually used this shampoo for 50 days. I have short colored hair and have been experiencing the same problem over and over again – after a hair cut I‘m happy and satisfied with my hair – until after about 4 weeks the color starts to fade and my hair starts looking pretty “dull”. Since I simply can‘t afford to color my hair once a month (don‘t think its healthy either) – I usually walk around with “tired/dull” hair for another couple of weeks. So I was pretty excited but also sceptical to trying this new shampoo.

The shampoo is sulfate free which I really like. Sulfate is usually hard to completely remove from the hair, which makes my hair dry and irritates my scalp – which of course I hate. So I could definitely feel that this shampoo was sulfur free since there was no thick mass of shampoo that one had to wash out. The easiest and cheapest way for brands to create lathering shampoo is by adding sulphates. This shampoo doesn‘t lather – like shampoos usually do – and that can feel a bit unusual but one gets used to it after a couple of weeks. One also gets used to the blue/silver color, and that the shampoo smells a bit of chemicals. So I felt a bit frightened applying it in my hair – but decided to give it a 50 days chance.

I‘m satisfied with this shampoo, since my hair still looks “respectable” ( equals less dull) and the color looks totally ok – which means that I can wait another extra 10 days before heading to the hairdresser – which is great.

The shampoo doesn‘t give me a feeling of luxury due to its smell and color. Since it doesn‘t lather I use more per wash then I would have with a lathering shampoo (I think it‘s just the innate feeling of my hair won‘t get clean if it does‘t lather).

The shampoo is supposed to give UV protection – I haven‘t been able to explore that since its been freezing and grey outside. It also protects agains heat which is a plus.


Value for money: starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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