Our best hair products – the complete list


It‘s no secret hair products take up a lot of space on this blog. Therefore we decided to compose a list of our all time favourite hair products:

  1. Best hair maskKiehl’s Olive Fruit Reparative hair pak – I have been using this mask for the past two years and ALWAYS return to it – actually its the only thing from Kiehl‘s I‘ve stayed faithful to. The mask makes my hair instantly (after 10 minutes) soft, easy to de-tangle and just makes it look much better. This blog is more about what you shouldn‘t buy rather then what you should buy and this mask is probably the only time I‘ve urged my readers to try something so urgently. By try I mean getting a sample of it. Read full review here.
  2. Best hair oilOrofluido hair oil – this oil is the oil of all oils, and those of you who have read a few reviews of hair products on this blog know that I always refer back to it. This oil makes my hair instantly soft and smells of heaven. And its a great budget buy – a bottle has lasted me for 2 years. Trust me I have tried a lot of oils and nothing comes close to it (yes we are talking about you Moroccan oil). See full review here.
  3. Best dry shampood:fi dry shampoo – most beauty/fashion/french bloggers refer to Klorane dry shampoo as the best thing out there. We have reviewed it (read review here) and we really really really liked it. But seriously there must be other dry shampoos out there which are just as good and keep a good level of quality..answer: hell yeah. Sure d:fi dry shampoo doesn‘t ooze of french sophistication but its good quality, the color is neutral (not traces of white in my hair yey) and its cheap. Much better than Klorane if you look at it from a price point – which I know many of you are. Read the full review here.
  4. Best shampoo and conditionerBamboo smooth anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner – this shampoo and conditioner are my favourites because they give my hair that va va voom feeling and a bottle lasts for about 6 months (which might justify the steep price). Considering frizz one of my hairs biggest enemies these bottles have been saviours. Read full review here.
  5. Best quick fixBamboo Kendi oil dry oil mist – this oil is my go when I need a quick solution – some shine and nice texture. It doesn‘t replace a hair cut and won‘t fight dry ends but It‘s a big favourite – partly again cause a bottle lasts for years and the shine adds some well-needed confidence from sad hair days. Read full review here.

This is our list, please feel free to share your favourite hair products with us and we will do out best to feature them in the blog. Or do you disagree with some of our choices – let us know – we love all feed-back!


7 thoughts on “Our best hair products – the complete list

    1. Kiehls are generous with samples so try the hair mask at least, it is awesome:) Looking forward to seeing your list and thank you for stopping by the blog:) /Mary

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