After using this lotion I dont need to use a body lotion – it works like a two in one.


This lotion takes a while to get absorbed.


Lovely readers, summer is just around the corner and therefore this month is all about the sun and how you protect yourself from it. Therefore we will try to squeeze in as many reviews of sun lotions as possible. How did she manage to review so many sun lotions living in Scandinavia you ask ? Because it certainly ain‘t summer there yet (and you are completely right about that! Some years the summer doesn‘t really show up here at all and you have to spend July under an umbrella pretending that rain is nice too). Well – i took a small vacation in January this year – two months to be precise – and had plenty of opportuneties to review all my yays and neeeeeeis of the sun protection creams I went through. So here we go: this lotion gives good protection against the sun, it also works as a body lotion so one doesn‘t have to apply that since your skin is baby soft after a day at the beach with this sun lotion. A bottle also lasts long which is a plus and price is budget friendly. What is the minus? It takes a while to get absorbed and therefore one may feel a bit sticky – a very unwelcome feeling on the beach.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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