The package lasts for years.


You can‘t apply it unless you have a good eye cream as a base.


First and foremost I have been using this concealer for a good 1 year, and I still have more then half the package left. I definitely like this concealer more then my previous one (Mac Select Moisturecover concealer), but it still has a lot of minuses. You have to use your fingers when applying it, which is a bit unhygienic. You can also spend your money on an extra brush – which I didn‘t do.

When applying this concealer you have to have a layer of a good eye cream underneath, otherwise you really can‘t apply it at all – it gets all caked up. I have tried layering it over several different eye creams and only one really worked (my favourite Vichy eye cream). Does it cover well? It covers ok – I don‘t notice my dark circles throughout the day, but it could definitely cover more – since I can see a hint of them after applying the concealer. Also if your skin is sensitive it might not appreciate you piling on concealer on top of a fat layer of eye cream – though this way you will actually remember to apply eye cream (which for me is a bit of a regime “for old people” hence it took me a while getting used to it).

I choose the shade of my concealer with a Mac sales person and honestly sometimes it feels like the part I‘m covering up is shining right back at me – like the color is too bright, and I have to spend a few extra second smudging it in, so it fits in with the color of the rest of my face.

Overall I must say that this concealer could give better coverage, but I still have loads left so I will keep on using it…til I bump into a perfect concealer (in my friends make-up bag) and fire this one.


Value for money: starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises: starstarstarnostarnostar

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