November is a gloom month (Christmas is not quit there yet, and everything is just so grey..)…therefore, we would like to treat you readers! We are giving away 5 smooth skin treatments from DanishSkinCare (worth 45 dollars each).

To participate you have to leave a comment with your favourite beauty product (or hack). The give-away closes on the 30th of November and will be contacted by email. The give-away is open worldwide.

DanishSkinCare is a Danish beauty start-up having gained national stardom producing remedies against blackheads and unclean skin. Their smooth skin treatment can be used as a tonic and will diminish blackheads and other impurities – we love it and you can read our full review here.

Good luck!


41 thoughts on “Give-away

  1. I can’t love without the Klorane dry shampoo..a friend brought it back from France a few years ago and ever since I’ve been addicted. It gives my hair the perfect volume and it goes from tired to glam inno time. Would love to win this tonic since my skin has been suffering from extreme dryness and redness lately and I have been locking for new products to cure that 😦


  2. I would love to win! My all-time favourite beauty product is the Kiehls Cilantro face mask which makes my skin ultra hydrated and smells amazing!


  3. I know deodorants are a bit of a lame hack – but the stress resistent deodorant from Vichy has changed my life – having constant problems of white spots on my clothes vanished when I got my hands on this Vichy star:)


  4. Yay giveaway 😊 My favorite product is pretty much all of the Clinique’s “even better” line, especially the skin tone correcting lotion. It really does miracles to the skin!


  5. Patanjali aloevera gel is all time favorite. It not only have that norishing and soothing quality in it but also helps in adding glow to your skin. Definatly love to try darnish product, read your review. Wish to have one.💜


  6. I love Garnier Miscellor Water. It’s an absolute must-have in this horrible November weather because it cleans your skin without drying it! Perfect! It gets rid of all makeup, including eye makeup without damaging the skins surface. Ten/ten would recommend! x


  7. I have an obsession with Korean face masks – I get them off Amazon and use them about 2 times a week for a fantastically hydrated skin and glow, love it!


  8. Hey my favourite beauty blog!
    My favourite product is Emmas S Enzyme peel! Its the best peel out there in the market because it really gives the skin a deep treatment and cleans up the deepest pores and dirt.
    I would also like to give you guys a good and old fashioned beauty hack for those who have fat and dirty hair after 1-2 days. So, instead of using dry shampoo or wash your hair again- take 1-2 eggs and skramble them together with 1-2 tbl. spoons of honey. Take a pencil and try to applicate it in the core of your head. Leave the mask for as long as you can. When you wash it away- be careful not to use too warm water!!( the egg can get hard….)

    Thank you for reading this! XOXO


  9. I just love Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for face and body. I dont use that much products, mostly my gf, but when my skin is dry cetafil is the best choice!


  10. Just ONE beauty product! 😮 How do I choose? 😮
    For skincare, I’m really liking the Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil – it really surprised me with how effective it is at removing makeup.


  11. A company name clinique has the bestest foundation in the world which looks so damn real and it lightens up your face to next level , i think thats something which is worth having ❤️🙈 and yes i’ll love to win🔥


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